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Video about student activities in Wikipedia at Tec de Monterrey
Paola Ricaurte, Leigh Thelmadatter and Lourdes Epstein present at Wikimania 2015

Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey is an independent education program supporting student projects in Wikimedia and similar open-knowledge platforms. Participants work to improve knowledge in topics related to Mexico as well as general knowledge in the languages of the country, primarily Spanish. We also do pioneering work in multimedia, including animation and sound recording.

Primary contacts

Campus Ciudad de México
Campus Chiapas
  • Sary.ruiz Coordinadora de Programas Internacionales
  • Liz Truve Coordinadora de Centro de Vida y Carrera
Campus Querétaro


Concepto Radial campus radio report on Wikimania 2015
Students working at the first wiki event at Tec de Monterrey, collaborating with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis to work on Spanish version of articles related to the institution while connected on Skype. August 2011

The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education is a 31-campus private university system located in various parts of Mexico. Its first efforts with Wikipedia started in 2007 at the Toluca Campus, with more systematic efforts beginning at the Mexico City campus in late 2010. A student club with the name of "Club Wikipedia" was organized in August 2011. Its growth and change of focus to faculty-led activities has prompted to its evolution into a program, focused on work in the classroom, with students working to earn "servicio social" (community service for undergraduates) hours and more recently with the annual Semana i event, when student forego classes to work on a single project. Because working with Wikipedia aligns so well with the aims of Tec de Monterrey's program to revamp pedagogy at the institution, working with Wikipedia was recognized under the name of Wiki Learning with the Model Tec 21 program, giving it recognition through the school system in 2013. In 2015, Wiki Learning was accepted as the first Wikimedia user group focused on education with the WMF under the name Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey.

Campus radio program on Edward Snowden donated to Commons

The very first activities with Wikipedia in the classroom occurred in 2007, with an advanced English-as-a-Second-Language class at the Toluca campus, which created 21 articles in English and 13 in Spanish mostly related to Mexico, adding 290,678 and 53,221 bytes of information respectively to these two languages.

Student reviewing a file on Commons for a subtitling project

The history of the Wikipedia work has been somewhat rocky with trying of various organizational structures to try and accommodate its work, its growth and its commitment to experimenting with new ways for students to be involved. Instead of working almost exclusively with writing new articles, Wiki Learning has sought to adapt the various opportunities that Wikimedia projects offer to the interests of students and instructors. Tec de Monterrey students were the first to systematically work with translation as students and professors are expected to have high command of the English language. We also have foreign students and students who also study other languages as well. This translation work has resulted in millions of bytes of information added to Spanish Wikipedia, mostly in academic subjects such as computer science, medicine, European history and culture and literature. This idea has also been adopted and adapted by other education programs such as in Egypt.

Best photo of the 2014 Day of the Dead estilo Wiki contest

The campus library at the Mexico City campus has actively supported Wikipedia work on campus since 2011 and is working to involve other campus libraries as well. Since 2012, it has sponsored photographic contests related to Day of the Dead and Holy Week in Mexico, with the aim of introducing the idea of working with Wikipedia to Tec de Monterrey classes, as well as students. In 2014, this contest was expanded to two other campuses, Campus Santa Fe and Campus Estado de México.

In 2013, the Mexico City campus became the first to donate a significant number of photographs to Commons from the archives of its campus newspaper, Talento Tec. In 2015, Wiki Learning was accepted by AffComm as an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation as a "user group."

Some of the over 300 participants of Wiki Learning's first Semana i

In Spring 2015, a new opportunity for Wikipedia work was presented "Semana i" (I Week) or "Experiencias Retadoras" (Challenging Experiences) All undergraduate students are excused from classes for one week each semester to work on projects, especially those using technology and having social impact. Wiki Learning was chosen for a pilot run at the three campuses of the Mexico City area. A report of this activity can be found here and the success pilot means that it will be repeated (with modification) in the Fall, possibly with the participation of more campuses.

Tutorial on uploading files to Commons (in Spanish)

To date, student activities have included (in addition to translation), the writing of short articles in Spanish and English, correcting articles, uploading photos, sound files, video and digital animation to Commons, writing and translating photo descriptions; uploading campus radio programs, providing summaries and transcripts, creating subtitles for videos already in Commons. Video projects in the works by students include an overview of Wiki Learning activities by a high school media arts class and an instructional video for translation assignments scheduled for Summer 2015.

In 2016, Wiki Learning began a collaboration with the Cervantine Library, the Tec de Monterrey's library of special collections, which includes the second most important collection of texts related to Mexican history and culture, after the University of Texas.

The program has contributed millions of bytes of information and thousands of photographs and other media files (please see the Education Dashboard).


Activities In the news

Servicio Social

Anna Koval of the WMF chatting with servicio social students about their projects, Spring 2015

"Servicio Social" requirement for Mexican university undergraduate students.[1] Students must complete 480 hours of community service in order to graduate. [2] This program has been very successful in adding high quality content, mostly through the translation of articles with technical themes. It has also attracted the participation of sound engineering and digital animation students.

Semana i


Starting with the Spring 2015 semester with the Mexico City, Santa Fe and State of Mexico campuses, Wikipedia/Wikimedia is one of the foci for project work for students in language classes, known as Semana i. This includes assignments in class as well an edit-a-thon to take place in the first week of March 2015. All work is documented below by campus.



Activities related to Wikimedia have been carried out in classes under the School of Humanities at the university level and at advanced "topics" classes at the high school level. These include classes in English as a foreign language, Spanish as a foreign language, composition and communication (Spanish), Intro into communication, and high school classes in video, finance, chemistry and biology. Interestingly enough, these class projects account for only a small percentage of student contributions to Wikimedia.



Recent Wikimetrics (all campuses)


Spring 2018 Ciudad de México

  • 22 articles translated from to
  • 1072 photographs to Commons related to Mexico

Gifs related to recent earthquakes in Mexico

Interiews of Tec de Monterrey students about their experiences with the 9/17/2017 Puebla earthquake

Fall 2017 Cuidad de México

One of the projects finished this semester.

Wiki Learning in this semester was severely affected by the two earthquakes that struck Mexico during September 2017. The affects in Chiapas limited a project there, but the main consequence was the near-total destruction of the Mexico City campus, where most Wiki Learning activities take place. It resulted in the cancelation of 3 Wiki projects planned for the annual Semana i week student projects on that campus.

However, work continued with students in a couple of classes and in the two groups of students earning "servicio social" community service hours. These include the termination of a couple of semesters-long video projects. Servicio social work is shifting away from writing in Spanish Wikipedia to multimedia work directly benefiting Wikimedia Commons.

  • 2 classes with 1 teachers and 39 students
  • 2 groups of servicio social with 32 students total
  • 45 articles improved in Spanish Wikipedia
  • 15 articles translated from English to Spanish
  • 307 photographs
  • Videos, gifs and animations files (finished)

File:VocholFinal.webm File:StopMotion-fixed.webm File:Gif -AtomosSolido 01.gif File:Gif -AtomosGas 02.gif File:Gif -AtomosLiquid 03.gif File:DoctorAntonioAlcala 01.webm MarthaGomez.webm

5 original music files for use in video and animation projects

Fall 2017 Campus Chiapas

  • 1 class/project for Semana i focusing on Sima de las Cotorras
  • 417 photographs
  • 1 articles on Sima de las Cotorras (created in and improved in

Fall 2017 Querétaro

  • 1 class/project for Semana i as part of a larger project related to the Otomi people of the state
  • 53 photos

Summer 2017 Cuidad de México


Wiki Learning is in the process of rebuilding/reorganizing.

  • Worked on 7 videos (2 interviews, 2 long animations and 4 short animations) but only 3 are uploaded so far due to technical issues

Spring 2017 Cuidad de México


These numbers were taken from the Dashboard tool. It is unknown how accurate they are. We know that somewhere between 30 and 40% of articles created or modified by students this semester were erased or reverted by a group of users in Spanish Wikipedia. We had no problems in any other project.



Fall 2016


Campus Ciudad de México (details here)

  • 223 editors
  • 221 articles created
  • 815 articles edited
  • 1,079.32K words added
  • 1,121.08 total edits
  • 4,730 files to Commons (includes 185 files of pronunciations in Nahatl and Totonac, 7 files of synthesizer sounds, 8 files related to kalimba tuning, 5 video interviews with artists, 7 recordings of traditional Mexican music and one score )

Campus Santa Fe

  • 33 participants
  • 1 article edited
  • 59 edits
  • 7.97 works added
  • 482 photos to Commons

Summer 2016 Ciudad de Mexico

  • 31 student and 1 teacher participant
  • 9,636,110 added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 128 articles created or expanded (100 created, 28 expanded), all through translation
  • 271 articles edited
  • 3.86K total edits
  • 31 editors
  • 1.82 M words added
  • 787K articles views (as of 31 July 2016)
  • 82 photographs to Wikimedia Commons
  • 3 videos in collaboration with the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana and Pro Natura

Spring 2016 Ciudad de Mexico

  • 81 students and 2 teacher participants
  • 4,702,517 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 312,624 bytes added to English Wikipedia
  • 98 articles translated from enwiki to eswiki to create or rewrite articles in Spanish
  • 11 new articles written in eswiki
  • 6 new articles written in enwiki
  • 4 video interview with Wikimedians in education
  • 1 video tutorial on who to translate articles from enwiki to eswiki
  • 2 videos in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Popular
  • 20 photos related to Tepoztlan, Morelos



Documentation by campus

Presentation by Anna Koval and Leigh Thelmadatter at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México

User group annual report to the Wikimedia Foundation


/2015-2016 Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey annual report

Information about Tec de Monterrey work with Wikipedia in other publications