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Video about activities for Semana i (September 2016), made thanks to a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation
Short montage with clips not used in main mini-doc

As with last year's report, Wiki-Learning's activities revolve around students participanting in Wikimedia thorugh servicio social and the annual Semana i along with the more classic classroom activities.

March 2016 to March 2017[edit]

Spring 2016 semester[edit]

PSA style video about Mexico City museums' efforts to make cultural heritage institutions more accessible. Includes the first and only example of Mexican Sign Language in Wikimedia

In reality the spring semester begins in January, but totals are by semester.

Stats for the entire semester

Spring 2016 Ciudad de Mexico[edit]

  • 81 students and 2 teacher participants
  • 4,702,517 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 312,624 bytes added to English Wikipedia
  • 98 articles translated from enwiki to eswiki to create or rewrite articles in Spanish
  • 11 new articles written in eswiki
  • 6 new articles written in enwiki
  • 4 video interview with Wikimedians in education
  • 1 video tutorial on who to translate articles from enwiki to eswiki
  • 2 videos in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Popular
  • 20 photos related to Tepoztlan, Morelos

Summer session 2016[edit]


Summer 2016 Ciudad de Mexico[edit]

Animated video related to the Izta-Popo National Park created in conjunction with Pro Natura
  • 31 student and 1 teacher participant
  • 9,636,110 added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 128 articles created or expanded (100 created, 28 expanded), all through translation
  • 271 articles edited
  • 3.86K total edits
  • 31 editors
  • 1.82 M words added
  • 787K articles views (as of 31 July 2016)
  • 82 photographs to Wikimedia Commons
  • 3 videos in collaboration with the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana and Pro Natura

Fall 2016 semester[edit]

Pronunciation of "Iztaccihual" (volcano) by Nahuatl native speaker Ismael Jiménez Morales
El Pajaro Carpintero performed by Los Hijos de Malinche of Veracruz


Campus Ciudad de México (details here)[edit]

  • 223 editors
  • 221 articles created
  • 815 articles edited
  • 1,079.32K words added
  • 1,121.08 total edits
  • 4,730 files to Commons (includes 185 files of pronunciations in Nahatl and Totonac, 7 files of synthesizer sounds, 8 files related to kalimba tuning, 5 video interviews with artists, 7 recordings of traditional Mexican music and one score )

Campus Santa Fe[edit]

Courtyard inside the Desierto de los Leones, taken during the Semana i project
  • 33 participants
  • 1 article edited
  • 59 edits
  • 7.97 works added
  • 482 photos to Commons

Spring 2017 semester[edit]

This semester is currently underway so stats are incomplete. Five classes on the Ciudad de México Campus are currently working on Wikimedia projects, along with a new class in biotechnology, set to start next week. (Doc James has been invited to speak to this class remotely.) There are again two groups of students working for community service hours (servicio social), one of which is dedicated to audiovisual projects. We requested and received 10 "becarios" (students who do work hours as part of their scholarship) who focus on helping to clear the backlog of articles from previous projects that need to be reviewed and corrected.

Planning for Semana i 2017 (September 2017[edit]

Planning is already underway for 5 Wiki-related projects which will be executed during one week of September 2017. These are:

Religious document in Coahuit and Spanish from the Biblioteca Cervantina
  • Collaboration with the Biblioteca Cervantina - This library has an important collection of public domain documents, many from Mexico's colonial period. The Library has already made one donation of documents (done in Oct 2016... can be seen [1] mostly related to Mexico's indigenous languages. For this project, we will work with the Library this spring/summer to select documents and images (digitalizing when necessary) to make them and their metadata available for students at the Mexico City Campus to upload (into Commons and Wikisource when applicable), document and integrate into various Wikimedia projects. This project is being led by Martha Gómez
  • Mexican music across boundaries - Similar to last year Lourdes Epstein and sound engineering director Alejandro Ramos will be working with volunteer musicians to record freely-licensed versions of Mexican traditional music. The theme this year is pieces that have popularity on both sides of the US/Mexican border.
  • Gothic literature in Wikisource - This project will focus on uploading and transcribing public domain stories, most likely related to Gothic literature, into Commons and Wikisource. This project is led by Antonio Alcalá
  • Wiki expedition Chiapas campus - This is not yet confirmed, but we are negotiating with the Tec de Monterrey, Chiapas campus to "transplant" our sucessful experiences with Wiki expedition to a new part of Mexico. This is extremely important because almost all Wiki activity (in general) in Mexico takes place in Mexico City and to some extent, the surrounding region. This means that there is a LOT of the country that is poorly covered in Wikipedia. Our hope is to use Semana i to train teachers on other campuses (Tec has 32 scattered among most states of the country), we can get some other teachers as hooked on working with Wiki as we are at the Mexico City campus.

Issues with the eswiki community[edit]

It is sad to report that Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey has run into serious problems with the eswiki community regarding the translation and writing of articles, in particular with the servicio social activities. This situation is ongoing and not yet resolved, but working with the Wikipedia Education Program we have identified two main issues. There is a heavy bias in eswiki against education program activities, with the idea that only experienced users should be creating text. The other has to do with inadequate monitoring by Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey of students when it comes to the actual writing. Our methods of teaching students the process of selecting topics, developing articles in sandboxes (talleres in Spanish) and then moving articles into the mainspace are sound, but as servicio social students are supervised by a non-native speaker of Spanish (for reasons of availability), we have not been able to vet articles linguistically before they are live. We have procedures primarily based on peer review to make up for Thelmadatter's lack of Spanish, but Wiki Learning has grown so much, with so much output, that these procedures are now woefully inadequate. In the coming weeks/months, we hope to rework the servicio social program so that students can return to translation and writing, but until this happens, students will not be working in Spanish Wikipedia.