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  • Jocelyne Perreard, Professor of French at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México.



Espacios de Innovación


Starting with the Spring 2015 semester with the Mexico City, Santa Fe and State of Mexico campuses, Wikipedia/Wikimedia is one of the foci for project work for students in language classes, known as Espacios de Innovación'. This includes assignments in class as well an edit-a-thon that took place in the first week of March 2015.

Campus Estado de México


Wiki Metrics


Spring 2015 Campus Estado de México

  • 1 class + participants at the Experiencias Retadoras editathon
  • 102 participants
  • 88,257 bytes added to Wikipedia in Spanish
  • 409 edits (includes userpages, etc)
  • 144 pages created (includes userpages, etc)
  • To Commons: 111 photographs [1] related to Experiencias Retadoras March 4-6, 2015