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  • Jocelyne Perreard, Professor of French at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México.


Espacios de Innovación[edit]

Starting with the Spring 2015 semester with the Mexico City, Santa Fe and State of Mexico campuses, Wikipedia/Wikimedia is one of the foci for project work for students in language classes, known as Espacios de Innovación'. This includes assignments in class as well an edit-a-thon that took place in the first week of March 2015.

Campus Estado de México[edit]

Wiki Metrics[edit]

Spring 2015 Campus Estado de México[edit]

  • 1 class + participants at the Experiencias Retadoras editathon
  • 102 participants
  • 88,257 bytes added to Wikipedia in Spanish
  • 409 edits (includes userpages, etc)
  • 144 pages created (includes userpages, etc)
  • To Commons: 111 photographs [1] related to Experiencias Retadoras March 4-6, 2015