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Servicio social Wikipedian Xiuhcoatl Xiuhuitl helps a primary school teacher correct a Wikipedia article
Photo of the WikiMati group

Backgound and justification[edit]

Wiki-Mati is an on-going project, directed by Paola Ricaurte Quijano, Jacob Bañuelos and Juan Carlos Olmedo, researchers from Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México.

Wiki-Mati focuses in recovering the historic memory of the neighborhoods based in content developed and shared by 5th grade students (10 to 12 years old) of three public elementary schools in Mexico City using the advantages of Wikipedia. In this sense, Wiki-Mati is a model of intervention/action for community empowerment that links two research projects that already existed at Campus Mexico City: Wiki-Learning and Mati-Tec; to publish new content to Wikipedia.

Main Objectives[edit]

  1. To boost digital and knowledge empowerment of children through the production of content for Wikipedia(images and articles)
  2. To foster the development of social capital among the community by the documentation of its inhabitants’ history and life, and the development of ties between the school and the community
  3. To encourage community engagement by involving teachers, students, parents and neighbors.


In its first stage (late 2014 and early 2015) Wiki-Mati contributed to the formation of reading, writing, research and documentation skills, in students and teachers of thee schools linked to the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Participation Schedule

  • 31 Elementary School Students, 5th grade (2 Public Schools and 1 Private School) Teachers, principals and parents
  • Instructors and Social Service Students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey

Main Actions[edit]

To reach the objective of publishing collaborative knowledge on Wikipedia, researchers manage to develop strategic skills for the students, principals, and teachers by implementing training workshops on Wikipedia Contents and Photography production.

Achievements (2014- early 2015)[edit]

The first article on Wiki-Mati was published in Wikipedia in early 2015 and it is available at: As a result of the implemented actions, students developed the skills addressed below.

Expected skills Information Technologies and Communication Skills Cognitive Skills Communication Skills Social skills
Main achievements Incorporate technology and digital media as significant learning tools

Assess the relevance of peer production in digital environments

Receive external feedback, not only from the teacher, erasing the physical and formal limits of the class

Develop a culture of respect for copyright, while participating in the promotion of a free culture, through the production of new content and resources under Creative Commons licenses

Develop the capacity for critical thinking, information management, content handling and research

Engage in a philosophy of knowledge and open learning.

Develop students’ language skills through writing and editing articles.

Develop students’ skills in other languages through translation of articles.

Integrate a global community.

Contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about their culture and community.

Future Work[edit]

We are expecting the participating schools to write two more articles about their communities during QI-2015. This will total a number of 3 articles with an average of 6 pictures each, just as the article found in the link above. During the next two years, and according to the model of educational innovation Tec 21, Wiki-Mati is proposing to participate in an Editatón as a challenging experience and to promote collective creation of knowledge to enrich the information about Mexican Culture and various academic disciplines.

Content created[edit]

Other documentation[edit]