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Primary Contacts[edit]

Program Description[edit]

PSiA: School and University Projects[edit]

The Projekty szkolne i akademickie (PSiA, "School and University Projects") is a program tasked with helping educators and scientists use Wikipedia and her sister projects as both a valuable teaching tool and source of information for their students. Experienced Wikipedians assist university and high school teachers in preparing curricula for their courses, teaching their students the inner workings of the wiki world and eventually publish new content on Wikipedia.

All past and active education programs are now visible in the Dashboard category "Wikipedia:Projekty Edukacyjne".


The Wikiwarsztaty ("WikiWorkshops") are wiki editing workshops organised by the Polish Wikimedia community for institutions, their members and supporters. The purpose of the project is to expand the user base by teaching entire groups of people how to collaborate on Wikipedia and her sister projects, including Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource and Wikinews. Some workshops are general in scope and show the mere basics of our projects, others are focused on particular aspects, for instance the open education movement, free licenses, mass upload to Wikimedia Commons or the ways to cite sources in scientific publications (and Wikipedia). Example projects include workshops for high school students, for young adults with autism spectrum disorders and for students of the French Linguistics Faculty of the Warsaw University, among many others. See also our syllabus of a perfect wiki-workshop available here on this wiki (in English and Polish).

Related activities[edit]

KOED: Open Education Coallition[edit]

Wikimedia Poland is one of the four founding members of the Koalicja Otwartej Edukacji (KOED, Open Education Coalition), a group of 30 non-governmental organisations supporting the creation and development of Open Educational Resources in Poland. The Coalition is focused on a broad variety of topics, including promotion of open access to scientific and educational resources, as well as to cultural heritage. Members of the KOED monitor and support Polish lawmakers, publish handbooks on open access and open source movement and organise workshops for individuals and institutions who would like to join the movement. As part of KOED Polish Wikimedians are among the organisers of Polish Public Domain Day celebrations and the Polish edition of the Open Access Week.

Project Portals[edit]