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History & Geography
  • Start year: Fall 2007 (one semester), Spring 2011 to present
  • Countries (list all):Mexico
  • Cities (list all. and please link to local WP articles.):Mexico City (Campuses Ciudad de México, Santa Fe and Estado de México) and Toluca
  • Wikimedia projects (list all),, Commons, (some in,,, etc.)
  • Languages (list all):Pr9marily Spanish and English, with some in other European languages
  • Funding (yes/no? please explain):Sort of. Grant to establish Wiki Learning finances from November 2015, but is an individual grant to Leigh Thelmadatter
  • Outreach events (workshops, conferences, etc.) (yes/no? and total #):Yes, primarily workshops for teachers, and conference sessions in Tec de Monterrey events. 12 en total in Campuses Ciudad de México. Santa Fe, Estado de México and Monterrey.
  • Courses (yes/no? and total #):yes (8 for the Fall 2015 semester, 74 from Fall 2007 through Fall 2015)
  • WikiCamps (yes/no? and total #):No
  • WikiClubs (yes/no? and total #):Had one from Spring 2011 to Fall 2013, but was reorganized to and administrative (teacher-led) program.
  • WikiExpeditions (yes/no? and total #):
  • Teacher training (yes/no? and approximate # of teachers trained):See "Outreach events" approx 120 teachers
  • Government partnerships (yes/no?):no
  • OER (yes/no?):no
  • MOOCs (yes/no?):Wiki Learning, no... but Tec de Monterrey is heavily involved in MOOCs
  • Universities (list all. list associated faculties/departments. and please link to local WP articles.):1... us, as we choose to work independently
  • Secondary schools (list all):
  • Primary schools (list all):3, but I dont have the names... this work is being done by Wiki Mati
  • Adult schools (list all):
  • Senior programs (list all):
  • Students (total #):272
  • Educators (total #):30
  • Education program volunteers (total #):sane as the teachers... we are not directly paid for this
  • Education program volunteers who are Admins/Sysops/Stewards (total #):0
  • Local education program manager (total #): this question is very chapter-centric. Leigh Thelmadatter does this work and is semi-officially part of her duties.
  • Articles created (yes/no? and total #):281 (Fall 2015)/1,146 in, 46 in from 2007 to present
  • Articles improved (yes/no? and total #):(see above, I have no way to separate created from improved or redone without looking at the edit history of every article worked on.)
  • Articles translated (yes/no? and total #):Again, there is too much for me to tease out what was translated and what was written from scratch. A safe estimate would be that over 80% of articles were translated from English to Spanish.
  • Files uploaded (yes/no? and total #):yes (Spring 2011 to present), 14,583 files in total, 14,196 photos, 202 sound files, 33 maps/drawings/charts, 65 digital animations, 60 videos and 27 radio programs from campus radio.
  • Bytes added (total #):9,589,918 (Fall 2015), 32,631,227 (Fall 2007 to present, and only)
  • Bytes deleted (total #): I dont have the tally for this
  • Featured articles (total #):0
  • Good articles (total #): 0 (we dont have time to wrestle with the process)

Please tell us something special about your education program that the data may not reveal. For example:

  • You could highlight an achievement you are particularly proud of.
  • You could acknowledge a special student, educator, or volunteer.
  • You could tell us what you enjoy most about the Wikipedia Education Program.

You would find it difficult to find a program outside of the US/Canada that does more (as much?) as we do and we dont have an entire foundation dedicated to us. We have organically grown almost entirely on our own, and sometimes against wiki-politics. We did the first educations mini-doc which only scratches the surface of the amount we have done... though it gives a good overview of the innovation of Tec de Monterrey campuses.

Your questions neglect other ways students get involved, community service and Semana i, which are not classes. Most of our student contributions and really the best of them, have come from servicio social, primarily because students self-select and they need to complete quite a few hours, which gives Wiki Learning a unique resource to draw upon. Semana i has been a mixed bag, as the Tec is learning how to implement this particular innovation. The next one is scheduled for September 2016 to allow for the planning of better and more varied challenges.