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A lofty vision for the Education Team:[edit]

Working with L&E to develop a vision statement that will help direct our work

Author: Dana McCurdy and Nichole Saad

Summary: Earlier this year, the Education Team worked with L&E to draft a vision statement that will guide their work. This article summarizes the process and vision.

We got up on the balcony, and saw something amazing!

Simon Sinek, author of the bestseller “Start With Why”, calls for individuals and companies to lead all communication with their purpose, beliefs, and values, or what he refers to as the “Why.” Starting with “why” taps into the part of the brain that drives all human behavior and decision-making and inspires other to action. Teams that are clear on their “why” have a strong foundation for innovation and building trust.

We shared our personal “why” stories, talked about instances where we felt we made a difference in our work, and about what we believe we have the potential to achieve. In the end we came up with our vision statement:

To build bridges and relationships within education and Wikimedia to make the world more equitable so that all individuals can reach their full potential

This vision statement is still being iterated and improved upon, but we think it’s a great start!

What do you think about this vision statement? If you were to make a vision statement for your work in education, what would it be?