Education/Newsletter/April 2014/Engineering students in Panama work on Spanish Wikipedia

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Students during the introduction to Wikipedia session

In a four week assignment during March and April, forty one students improved seven articles on Spanish Wikipedia related to the topic of Software Engineering. The course "Ingeniería de Software I" was managed with the education program extension which was recently installed in Spanish Wikipedia. Professor of the course, Jeanette Riley, was one of the fourteen professors that took part in a 20 hour workshop on how to design a Wikipedia based assignment given recently at the Technological University of Panama (slides from the workshop available here and here). A paper describing the experience was presented for consideration to the V Jornadas Internacionales de Campus Virtuales conference, which will be held in Panama on October, 2014. If you are a professor in Panama interested in knowing more about how to use Wikipedia in the classroom please contact Mónica Mora(Ayaita)