Education/Newsletter/April 2014/Wikimedia Sverige: New resource for Swedish teachers on Wikiversity

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SFI-students learn to edit Wikipedia in Sweden.

The Education Programme in Sweden has been involved in a project with the Swedish for Immigrants programme since the middle of last year, we're now at the point where things are coming together and we can share some of our insigts. We first did this in a post on the Wikimedia Foundation Global blog we're you can learn more about the background. In March, we presented the project to a lively crowd of educators and we're due to present at another conference in May.

In order to encourage more teachers to learn from the project and to use Wikipedia with their students, we now have a learning resource available on Swedish Wikiversity focusing on developing the students' intercultural communication skills, as well as media and inforamtion literacies. Currently, it's made up of six consecutive exercises. With valuable input from the teachers' community, we are exited to see this resource develop further, and we are hopeful that their efforts will provide the global Wikipedia community with new editors and content.