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By Vojtech Dostal

A well-established project called "Students Write Wikipedia" is on the way at three major universities in the Czech Republic, the one in Prague (Charles University), Brno (Masaryk University) and Olomouc (Palacky University). In the winter and summer term of 2011/2012, more than 200 articles were created by a correspondingly large number of students. Students have proven to be usually easy-to-work-with and basic explanations are enough to sustain good article quality. For more efficient managing of the courses and easier outreach to students and teachers, new teaching materials have been considered, the one using mediawiki software seeming to be the best choice, together with some leaflets that are prepared.

The program is going to continue in the winter term 2012/2013 (starting in October). We have created a small, but reliable team that has representatives in all three cities to serve to teachers' needs and give lectures to students when needed. Newly prepared projects for this term will be gradually updated at this page, section "Připravované projekty". Over the summer holiday, we want to work on the FAQ-styled clicky helppage. You can get all the updates on our program at the corresponding Facebook page (more or less asleep during the holiday, will reemerge in the school year). --Vojtech.dostal (talk) 14:20, 2 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]

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