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WikiCamp Vanadzor 2014

By Lilit Tarkhanyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Wiki Camp 2014 Part Two has started, with Armenian wiki-community again in Vanadzor. Almost 75 students from different high schools around Armenia have gathered here to create and edit hundreds of articles in the Armenian Wikipedia. There are also Syrian Armenians among the participants, who create and edit articles in Western Armenian, which has been declared an endangered language by UNESCO.

Every day the best editor, the best group and the best article are chosen. During the workshops, campers master wiki tools and improve their editing skills. Workshops are paused by music breaks, sports, intellectual games, dances, etc.

After two weeks, the wiki campers will have added about 2500 articles to Armenian Wikipedia. Besides quantity, they also aim to create quality.

After improving Armenian Wikipedia's position on an international chart on August 14th, the student editors continued contributing with much more enthusiasm. It was Edmond Khachatryan's edits to the Nissan GT-R article that helped Armenian Wikipedia to improve its place. For this, he will get the Armenian Wikipedia Cup especially designed for the event.

Some of the campers are from wiki clubs from different cities of Armenia. At the end of the wiki camp, Wikimedia Armenia is going to open new wiki clubs to support active Wikipedians.

During the first WikiCamp, campers created and improved about 2000 articles. During the second wiki camp, the students are eager to improve those results.

Please watch this video about the first ever Wiki Camp.