Education/Newsletter/August 2014/Wikimedia Taiwan dreams of Open Knowledge

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Wikimedia Taiwan's "Wiki Seed Of Taiwan Knowledge" program banner.

By Liang-Chih Shang Kuan, Chinese Wikipedia

Wikimedia Taiwan and Taiwanese Wikipedians are looking to make a connection with someone in the Taiwanese college system -- professors, staff members, or students -- and provide them tools to use Wikipedia. This is part of a new program from Wikimedia Taiwan called Wiki Seed Of Taiwan Knowledge. The purpose of this project is to: improve the quality of Chinese Wikipedia entries and to increase the number of Taiwanese volunteers on Chinese Wikipedia to promote universal knowledge-sharing culture, and to promote open interaction between the Wikipedia community, civic groups and educational institutions and to inspire social change. If you know of any Taiwanese higher education contacts, if you are are interested in attending monthly meetups, or if you would like to get involved with this project in some other way, please contact Liang-Chih Shang Kuan, Reke Wang, or Supaplex.