Education/Newsletter/December 2015/The very first Wikipedia Education Program of Wikimedia Hong Kong

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By Venus Lui (Wikimedia Hong Kong)

Wikipedia Education Program Workshop 1, Hang Seng Management College, 20150430

Snippet: Wikimedia Hong Kong just finished the very first Education Program.

Wikimedia Hong Kong had the very first Education Program from March to August. At the beginning, we offered a seminar to the students from the English Department of Hang Seng Management College, to share how to use Wikipedia with the appropriate attitude. In this program, We encouraged the students to edit the articles about literature and linguistics in this program, as the articles related to literature and linguistics are not as numerous as other topics. We collected 17 entries from the students, mainly related to linguistics. All the entries are informative and we are so happy to have the students participating in the program.

Here is the list of the articles the students edited in the Wikipedia Education Program.

  • Suffix
  • Gender in English
  • Articulatory phonetics
  • Fricative consonant
  • Manner of articulation
  • Schwa
  • Speech organ
  • Stress and vowel reduction in English
  • Part of speech
  • Finite verb
  • Turn Constructional Units
  • Contrastive Analysis
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Turn-Taking
  • Deixis
  • Order of Acquisition

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Hong Kong here.