Education/Newsletter/February 2015/New campus ambassador serving a new translation class in Egypt's Education Program

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Nada, the new Wikipedia Ambassador receiving her certificate in the last celebration conference

By May Hachem (Wikipedia Education Program Egypt)

Snippet: Chinese language department in Egypt's Al-Alsun joins the Wikipedia Education Program with a new translation course supported by a new Wikipedia Ambassador.

The Department of Chinese Language in the Languages School (Al-Alsun) at Ain Shams University in Cairo, starts its first translation course since the program launched in Egypt to share the great success that the program witnessed in its five consecutive terms. Until now, 100% of the applicants, in this group, are female.

Students will be assigned to translate featured and good articles from the Chinese Wikipedia about the world’s influential female figures. The selected biographies do not give special attention to a specific race, religion, country or category, but rather focus on women worldwide.

Students have begun translating and creating their accounts on the Arabic Wikipedia. In the coming few weeks, they will be taught how to edit Wikipedia.

A new Wikipedia Ambassador has joined our volunteer team to help the new students, since she is well acquainted with the editing skills on Wikipedia. Nada Samir is a former Turkish Language Department course student who made special contributions last term.

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