Education/Newsletter/January 2015/Wikipedia Education Program expands to new campuses in Cairo

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By May Hachem (Wikipedia Education Program Egypt)

Snippet: This term Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt expands to new schools in Cairo and new classes in existing schools.

Every term new students join the Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt. The results of every term usually encourage others to participate in the new one. Last term, which witnessed the highest contributions ever, helped the program recruit new volunteers, who in turn invited their colleagues to participate.

The Department of Russian Language in the Languages School (Al-Alsun) at Ain Shams University starts its first translation group since the program has started in Egypt. New educators from the mentioned department are expected to assign their students to translate featured and good articles from the Russian Wikipedia to the Arabic Wikipedia.

Students at Al-Azhar University in Cairo are participating in the program for the first time this term. They are starting actively with 4 new classes in which 50 new students have enrolled. The new students are all translating articles to the Arabic Wikipedia from English, Persian, Turkish and Spanish. The Wikipedia Education Program is the first student activity in Al-Azhar University to encourage students use their study practically. Students there have been waiting for an extra-curricular activity like this to make use of their academic abilities to serve their society. They believe that editing Wikipedia will help other academics and non-academics get access to free knowledge.

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