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By María Cruz (Learning and Evaluation, WMF)
Share your views on Community Health Learning Campaign!

Snippet: What does a healthy community look like to you?

The Learning and Evaluation team at the Wikimedia Foundation wants to capture community impressions on what makes a healthy community online. As educators, program leaders and wikimedians, we care about the way we communicate online. Are we helping each other learn? Are we blocking newcomers to the wiki world? What shared values bring us together to work online? These are some of the questions that we hope inspire you to contribute your views.

Participants can contribute a response to one of the six questions and/or submit a drawing. All contributors, provided they comply with legibility according to the rules, participate for a scholarship to Wikimania 2016. Find the instructions to take part and the complete set of rules on the campaign's page on Meta.

Contributions are welcome until August 23 at 23:59 UTC. For more information, please contact María Cruz, Learning and Evaluation Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

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