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Lernapat WikiClub:Our WikiClub teaches us to collaborate efficiently


Author: Armenuhi Voskanyan, Lilit Tarkhanyan, David Saroyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Summary: The Lernapat WikiClub is one of the most active WikiClubs of Wikimedia Armenia. The WikiClub coordinator - Armenuhi Voskanyan and the clubbers share their experience and thoughts.


Edit-a-thon at Lernapat WikiClub

The Lernapat WikiClub was established in March, 2015. Since the first day of its establishment, the clubbers has attended the WikiClub with great enthusiasm. By now we have more than 200 registered participants who have done thousands of edits on Armenian Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource. The WikiClub is open 5 days a week and welcomes editors of the age 8-17.

The Lernapat WikiClubbers create articles about music, sport, geography, films and famous people mainly translating them from different Wikipedias. The clubbers also participate in different wikicontests, for example it’s already third time that they participate in the CEE Spring article writing contest.

Argam Hakobyan, who edits since the very first day of the WikiClub, created “Sweet Kisses” article thanks to which Armenian Wikipedia advanced in the list of Wikipedias on May 8, 2017, becoming the 35th. Argam states: “Wiki is a great way of self-education. The WikiCamps give us a lot of friends. I have began editing on Wiktionary where I have created about 1000 entries. Now I mainly edit on Armenian Wikipedia translating articles about singles and albums of famous singers. I have already created 200 articles, 6 of which have become Day articles and one - a good article. Wiki is a wonderful world. You also have a chance to be a part of it.”

Sevak Beglaryan also edits mainly on Armenian Wikipedia: “I have begun editing since October 4, 2016. I like writing about films and TV series. I’m especially fond of writing about US TV series “Supernatural”. I have participated in only one WikiCamp thanks to which I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot. Our WikiClub has a great importance for us and I will continue editing with great pleasure to participate in the next WikiCamps”.

Many of the WikiClubbers begin editing on Armenian Wiktionary and after gaining enough experience move to Wikipedia.

Nazik Horomsimyan, who has created more than 10000 entries on Armenian Wiktionary, states: “I edit every day, mainly on Armenian Wiktionary and from time to time on Armenian Wikisource. Wiki has become an inseparable part of my life. This a platform which unites a lot of people from different corners of the world. Living in a town, far away from big cities we are given an opportunity to participate in the development of wikiprojects. The wonderful days spent in our WikiClub and WikiCamps will stay in our hearts forever”.

The Lernapat WikiClubbers in front of Matenadaran

On May 25, 2017 another wikiclubber - Aren Torosyan wrote the 200,000th entry of Armenian Wiktionary. He says: “I have begun editing since 2015 and by now have created more than 4500 entries on Armenian Wiktionary. I edit with great pleasure. Every day I check how many entries we have to write to move forward in the list of Wiktionaries and I do my best to have my contribution in the development of wikiprojects”.

We organize different events in our WikiClub. We celebrate the Wikipedia Day, the establishment day of our WikiClub, our wikiclubbers’ real birthdays and wikibirthdays, their achievements in wikiprojects and everyday life. We have participated in two workshops organized in the Wikimedia Armenia office. We have organized several excursions to Matenadaran, Gyumri, Akhtala Monastery, Haghpatavank, etc. Taking photos of Armenia’s cultural monuments, the wikiclubbers have uploaded them to Wikimedia Commons participating in “Wiki Loves Monuments” photo contest.

Students often mention that the WikiClub and the WikiCamps play a significant role in their life. They have a great influence on their views, help them to gain knowledge and teach them to collaborate efficiently. And of course, the best achievement is their friends with whom they share their best memories. Many WikiClubbers state that the days spent at the WikiCamps are the most interesting and awaited days during the year.

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