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Program and Events Dashboard Updates[edit]

Author: copied from facebook via Sage Ross

Summary: A short summary of updates and improvements to the Program and Events Dashboard.

Hi folks! I've been working on some of the main P&E Dashboard bugs and shortcoming for the last few weeks, which I'm just wrapping up now. Here's what's new and improved recently:

  • You can now add users to programs even if they don't have an account on Meta. This should fix problems with getting historical data about previous courses and events.
  • The facilitator for a program can now add and remove campaigns, and delete a program once all the campaigns have been removed.
  • There are clearer instructions about how to make sure you're pulling in edits from all the wikis you want, for programs that span multiple languages/projects.
  • Edits to Wikidata will be pulled in by default.
  • You can download stats for any program as CSV files, including a list of all the edits, articles edited, enrolled editors and which ones are newbies, and all the commons uploads.
  • You can now remove the passcode from a program, so that anyone can join. (I don't recommend this, because it can result in people accidentally adding themselves if they find the course page and think it's some kind of open online course.)

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