Education/Newsletter/March 2017/UCSF Students Visit WMF Office as they start their Wikipedia editing journey

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By Nichole Saad

Dr. Azzam presents to his students at the WMF
Dr. Azzam presents to his students at the WMF

On February 28, eight University of California San Francisco (UCSF) students paid a visit to the Wikimedia Foundation offices to learn more about the foundation's work as they embark on a month long elective course in March 2017. The students attended sessions given by WMF staff about the Wikipedia Education Program and reading products followed by a live streamed presentation by their professor Dr. Amin Azzam, Clinical Professor at the UCSF School of Medicine. The recording of the presentation it is available here

This is the second time Dr. Azzam has brought his students to visit the WMF. As veteran of the Wikipedia Education Program, Dr. Azzam has been engaging students in editing Wikipedia since four years ago through an elective course where students edit Wikipedia for an academic credit. His presentation outlined WikiProject Medicine, his student's contributions and an evaluation of the first three semesters of the course.

Special thanks to Liang-chih ShangKuan for the time stamps in the comments.