Education/Newsletter/October 2012/Preliminary results of cooperation about protected areas

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Pholiota squarrosa growing in the nature reserve Hostivické rybníky

As we reported earlier, we started a new year's cooperation between Czech based WikiProject about Protected areas and one class at Charles University in Prague. First students have chosen their articles of interest just a couple of weeks ago, but some of them have already visited these wildlife reserves, taken images, made a presentation and written articles on Czech Wikipedia. We waited impatiently if this term will also be so successful as the previous. Will students achieve same high-quality level as last year? Will they enjoy editing Wikipedia? One of the first article completely dispelled our fears. The article about nature reserve Hostivické rybníky at the periphery of Prague has proudly gone some way towards the status of a Good article on Czech Wikipedia. If other articles succeed like this one, it will be a great achievement for Czech Wikipedia and for our education program as a whole.