Education/Newsletter/September 2013/Spanish-as-a-foreign-language students at ITESM-Mexico City Campus upload photographs on Mexico to Commons

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Photo of a "trajinera" boat in Xochimilco taken by one of the students.

Campus projects at Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus have expanded to Spanish for foreign students classes. Artemisa Martínez (Pasifarte) has assigned photography projects to students from Europe and the United States, uploading the results onto Wikimedia Commons. The project has a number of themes, such as streets in Mexico and Mexican food, with students uploading three photographs per theme, then adding descriptions of the photographs in Spanish and their native language. There are two purposes to the project: 1) to encourage students to go out and explore Mexico while they are in the country and 2) to begin to learn to write in Spanish, keeping in mind that what they are writing will have an impact outside the classroom. The photographs have their own category in Commons and can be seen here: Photos from Español Básico