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Global: Black-Market Learning or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wikipedia[edit]

National Geographic looks at "the black market of learning" and gives 10 reasons why teachers should be using Wikipedia as a resource.

Read the full article here.

Global: Academic opinions of Wikipedia and open access will improve with more active involvement[edit]

An survey in 2014 shows that with more experience, most academics open up to the concept of open access publishing, including with Wikipedia.

Read the article here.

Philippines: Smart offers free access to Wikipedia until February next year[edit]

"...Through Smart’s Tap&Learn [program], Wikipedia Philippines representatives are helping train educators from public elementary and secondary schools across the country on how to use Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience of their students, and for their own professional development...."

Read the full article here.

Argentina: Wikimedia and RELPE present a free course[edit]

Wikimedia Argentina and the Latin American Web of Educational Portals have created an online course about the principles of free culture and how it relates to education and new technologies.

Read the full article here (in Spanish).

Brazil: Wikipedia may reinvent school testing[edit]

This article in Brazilian mazagine Galileu gives an overview of Wikipedia education efforts in the country and what it means for student evaluation.

Read the full article here (in Portuguese).