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For general Wikimedia IRC help, see Wikipedia:IRC and m:IRC.


These are the most relevant channels (on for those interested in GLAM projects:

Channel Description
#wikimedia-glam connect This channel is for discussing and coordinating on GLAM projects.
#wikimedia-outreach connect A channel for Wikimedia outreach activities, including GLAM, Wikimedia staff often coordinate their outreach work here.


There are several bots that are sometimes available in the ambassador channels. The bots have several handy functions.


These bots should notify users in the channel of any changes made to the GLAM discussion page and is maintained by Bsadowski1 (IRC nick: Brian_S).


Helpmebot is the general help bot developed for the help channel, and is maintained by Stwalkerster.


See also List of Internet Relay Chat commands.

Getting started[edit]

  • Register your nick:
    /msg nickserv register <the password you want> <your email>

Basic IRC commands[edit]

  • Private message (PM) someone:
    /msg <nickname> <your message>
  • Talk about yourself in third person:
    /me <your message>
  • Change your nickname:
    /nick <new nickname>
  • Check your new memos:
    /msg memoserv read new
  • Type someone's nickname quickly: begin typing their name, then press tab to autocomplete it

Commands for channel operators and owners[edit]

  • Add a new ambassador:
/msg ChanServ access #wikimedia-glam add <IRC handle> ambassador 
(grants voice and other channel flags)
  • Grant permission flags:
/msg ChanServ flags #wikimedia-glam <IRC handle> +[or -]<flags you want to give>
  • Change the rights for the "ambassador" template:
/msg ChanServ template #wikimedia-glam ambassador +<flags you want to give them>
  • Make someone an op:
/msg CanServ op #wikimedia-glam <IRC handle>
  • Change the entry message delivered by ChanServ (must be an op to do this):
/msg ChanServ set #wikimedia-glam entrymsg <text of the new entry message>  
Setting "NONE" as the message will remove it.
  • Relevant flags:
    • +v : voice
    • +V : auto-voice upon entering channel
    • +o : channel operator
    • +t : right to change the channel topic
    • +i : right to invite people to the channel