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This page tries to given an overview of the guidelines we keep in mind with writing/publishing the newsletter This Month in GLAM. These guidelines are intended to give the newsletter through time a homogeneous look and feel.

Do not worry too much about the guidelines, the publisher will help you with it.



The newsletter This Month in GLAM is intended to describe all the activities organised by the Wikimedia movement with the GLAM organisations. GLAM is an acronym for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums and includes a wide variety of organisations. Often it is not clear if a certain collaboration fits as topic in the newsletter, as it is unclear if a certain organisation should be considered a GLAM or not. For this newsletter we consider all collaborations with an external organisation relevant, besides those collaborations with educational institutions (universities, high schools, etc) with the aim of using Wikipedia in the class rooms.

In general, this newsletter is thus intended for all Wikimedia collaborations with external organisations that do not have the aim to have Wikipedia used in schools.

Top header

  • Header template: Each page starts with:
    {{GLAM/Newsletter/Title|...|By ...}}
    With on the ... of the first line the month name + year, and on the ... of the second line the title of the article (see 3rd bullet point), and the author(s) who have written the article (see 4th bullet point). We use this header and title template each only once on a page.
  • In exceptional circumstances it is possible to additional use {{GLAM/Newsletter/Title2|...|By ...}} two times, to split the article in two parts. But please, try to avoid this. It is not used to split two topics.
  • Title of article: If the article contains multiple sections, those are all added to the title template on top of the page and separated by a ; . Another option is to describe a generic title for the month/article, feel free to be creative. In the title no links can be added.
  • Authors of article: At least one author of the article is mentioned. If two authors are mentioned, please separate them with a & . If three or more authors are mentioned, please separate them with a , and the last one with a & . It is common to link to a user page on Outreach wiki or on another Wikimedia wiki. The link should never be red.
    • If you do not have a user page on Outreach and Meta, you can create one on Meta. That one will be shown automatically on Outreach wiki as well.

Article text

  • Section headers: We do not use H2 headers (== Header ==), but each subject in an article from a country/area has H3 headers (=== Header ===). Do not add links to section header, this would give the reader a worse overview of the sections.
  • Red links: Articles should not contain red links (links to not existing pages).
  • Links to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia wikis: Links to pages on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia wikis should as little as possible be an external link (using http:// or https:// ) but use instead an inline interwiki link.
    • To create an inline interwiki link, you can use the format xx:yy:... with on the dots the title of the page. The yy should be replaced by the language code of the wiki (the xx in the xx.wikipedia org, etc) and the xx replaced by the code of the wiki. The codes for the various language specific content wikis are w for Wikipedia, b for Wikibooks, q for Wikiquote, s for Wikisource, v for Wikiversity, voy for Wikivoyage, and wikt for Wiktionary. Multilingual wikis do not have a language code, thus with the format xx:..., and their codes are c for en:Wikimedia Commons, d for en:Wikidata, m for Meta wiki, wmf for en:Wikimedia Foundation wiki, wm#### for the Wikimania wiki with the #### replaced by the year, mw for MediaWiki wiki, phab for Phabricator, and various Wikimedia chapters have a wiki that can be linked to with wmxx with the xx replaced by the country code (examples: wmar, wmbe, wmnl, etc).
    • Example: To link to you should use [[w:en:Wikipedia:GLAM/Newsletter|Wikipedia:GLAM/Newsletter]].
  • Words: Some words seem to be written differently throughout the Wikimedia movement. Here we collect some words that we prefer to write in this way: edit-a-thon, Wikipedian in Residence, Wikimedian in Residence. (More will follow in future.)

Bottom of page

  • To add the comments/contents bar to the bottom of a page, use the following template, note the parameter of |month=: {{GLAM/Newsletter/Comments|month=<month of edition> <year of edition>}}