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January 2011/December 2010[edit]

Students use Wikipedia to share museum's resources[edit]

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Beginning in January 2011 and continuing through February, middle and high school students participating in The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Museum Apprentice Program will complete a team-based project titled, "Sharing the Children's Museum's Treasures." The students are researching five of the museum's notable objects while also learning Wikipedia. With the help of the museum's Wikipedian-in-Residence and other museum studies graduate students recently involved in the WikiProject Public art initiatives, students will utilize detailed guides to learn how to contribute their research to Wikipedia. The program will serve as a case study for further research regarding ways to integrate Wikipedia into museum programming to more efficiently share quality museum research with the encyclopedia. Student Guide / Program Presentation

February 2011[edit]

March 2011[edit]

Queensland State Library report[edit]

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commons:Commons:State Library of Queensland/Reports/2 wikimediaau-l post. In March we are focusing on ships. I'll provide an update before the end of the month. John Vandenberg (talk) 08:28, 7 March 2011 (UTC)[reply]

I'm working on commons:Commons:State Library of Queensland/Reports/3 now .. John Vandenberg (talk) 19:54, 30 March 2011 (UTC)[reply]

GLAM-WIKI UK videos[edit]

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Videos for keynote speeches at GLAMWIKI:UK are now up (on Internet Archive) - linked from the schedule of the conference:

TCMI photo donation begins[edit]

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the Children's Museum of Indianapolis began uploading images as part of their collaboration with Wikipedia (user:HstryQT is currently "in residence" there - see WP:GLAM/TCMI). Unlike most multimedia donations from GLAMs which are "mass donations" this project "hand picks" images that will be useful in articles. Currently there are 30 uploads of which two thirds are already in use in articles[1]. This is the first time the institution has used Creative Commons. See commons:Category:Images_from_the_Children's_Museum_of_Indianapolis. Notable usages in Wikipedia that you would not expect from a collection focused on Children include: Atlantic blue crab, Women's suffrage in the United States and Dwarf crocodile.

GLAM WIKI BCN 2011[edit]

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Last march 23rd took place the first GLAMWIKI meeting at the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, which was well attended. Several leaders of cultural organizations and the online encyclopedia intervened to find ways of collaboration.

More thant 100 professionals from museums of all around Catalonia came to Barcelona to listen how to engage a mid-term collaboration with local wikipedians. You can see official blog post here (In Spanish, soon in english)

Liam Wyatt keynoted a day where several other speakers coming from Government, Creative Commons, Wikipedia and obviously museums, put on a table some quite interessting discussions, from property rights to museum missions.

Two new wikipedians in residence requested[edit]

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Wikipedia Widget[edit]

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By demand of some GLAM Wikipedians, Magnus developed a Wikipedia Widget[2] that it's already being used in some museum website.

April 2011[edit]

#NArchief evaluates #GLAM experiment[edit]

GLAM/SI represents at IGNITE Smithsonian[edit]

GLAMCamp is in May![edit]

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Libraries and Wikimedia[edit]

  • Wielding Wikipedia from Inside Higher Ed breaks down relationships between libraries and Wikimedia

Derby Updates[edit]

Why Commons?[edit]

TCM Update[edit]

Museums & Wikipedia: The Future of Collaboration and Accessibility[edit]

Wikimania 2012[edit]

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  • Will take place in Washington, D.C. The DC team, which features a number of GLAM folks, won the bid! Lots of great activities will be planned related to the amazing GLAMs in DC!

New Residents[edit]

How long will it be until this is announced? You see, I'm willing to hold back publication to get these in as they're such interesting/important announcements. Regards, Rock drum (talk · contribs) 07:30, 25 April 2011 (UTC)[reply]
I'm waiting on the NARA blogpost before pushing the WMF blogpost. NARA said this week so it should be before the month is out. Witty lama (talk) 04:46, 27 April 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Miserachs Meeting in Barcelona[edit]

Xavier Miserachs edit-a-thon at the Museum of Contemporary art of Barcelona: On May 6th, catalan wikimedians will meet the curators at the library of the museum and will improve the Xavier Miserachs wikipedia entry, an edit-a-thon focused in one biography, with the best resources. Curators, books and Wikipedians focused on just one topic, as the British Museum's Hoxne Challenge of last summer.

May 2011[edit]

First meeting of the WMUK GLAM task force[edit]

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[6] [7]

100 articles in the Wright challenge[edit]

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The challenge began on May 1st and already has over 30 participants and 100 articles in a dozen or so languages. The first article (w:en:The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus) featured on DYK on May 10th and has been translated into 10 languages (including English).

More QRpedia codes[edit]

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Alex Hinojo's blogpost

New residency[edit]

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GLAMcamp, of course :-)[edit]


  • Event itself,
    • Friday workshop
    • Specific outcomes
  • The Met tour
  • Meetup

NARA blogpost[edit]

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Co-creating contents on International Museums Day[edit]

Ansel Adams comes to Commons[edit]

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Wikimedian Lounge at Communicating the Museum 2011[edit]

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Liam visits DC[edit]

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Wikipedia Loves nationalmuseet[edit]

YesY Covered On May 14th, Wikipedians visited Nationalmuseet and shot some photos. More here (in Danish). As summarized here, 23 articles were helped with illustrations, and 4 new articles were created.

June 2011[edit]

Creative Commons workshop held by GLAM-India[edit]

  • Workshop featuring Shishir Jha, Project Lead, Creative Commons India and an Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, will be held June 18, 2011. "The talk is aimed at the Wikipedian and GLAM community to help both of us better understand the Creative Commons set of licenses and its nuances. I'm writing to this list for suggestions on specific set of CC-related topics that we should discuss at such a meeting that would help clarify concepts for both the Wikipedia and the GLAM community related to licensing. The GLAM community in Mumbai will also utilise this to understand CC and its benefits more clearly and use it to approach other GLAM institutions in Mumbai in particular and India in general." - Pradeep Mohandas

BM FA on Main Page[edit]


The English WP article Holy_Thorn_Reliquary, mostly by Johnbod, was promoted to Featured Article on June 1st and carried as Today's Featured article on June 23rd, to coincide with the London opening of the British Museum exhibition Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe at the British Museum from June 23 to October 2011. It generated over 46,000 views over 4 days, and like other FAs on British Museum objects is linked to by the BM from their Highlights page on the object. (by Johnbod)

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the First to Hire Wikipedian in Residence[edit]

YesY Covered This June, Lori Byrd Phillips was formally hired as part-time staff at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Lori is serving as Web Content Specialist and Wikipedian in Residence, following her initial nine month internship serving as Wikipedian in Residence from August 2010 to May 2011. As part-time staff, Lori will continue to work closely with curators to coordinate image donations, known internally to the museum as "batches." The Children's Museum's image donations are unique in that images are handpicked by curators for their usefulness within the encyclopedia and lack of copyright restrictions; the manageable batches of images, which now total 68 images, are then uploaded manually by the Wikipedian in Residence. Lori will also be organizing future outreach efforts, including a forthcoming Backstage Pass and Edit-a-thon, and will be working closely with curators and volunteer coordinators to formalize an E-Volunteer program, among other GLAM initiatives.

GLAMCamp London[edit]

British Library Editathon[edit],_British_Library

National Railway Museum[edit] - sorry I don't have any info on outcomes etc, Fae or Liam will... The Land (talk) 23:40, 1 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

A meeting at the National Railway Museum in York, UK was attended by several Wikimedians, including Liam Wyatt, and representatives from the NRM and other museums in the region. It looks as if a co-operation with the NRM will result, focusing on their very strong collection of railway art, which previously was little displayed, as well as railway history and technology. There was also interest in co-operation from other museums in the region. Johnbod (talk) 00:31, 2 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Minsk activities[edit]

See user:wizardist's blogpost: [11]. The slides of my presentation are here. Wittylama (talk) 09:30, 3 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]


GLAM Baltimore 2011[edit]

YesY Covered July 22-23 the Walters Art Museum and Baltimore Heritage sponsored GLAM Baltimore 2011, a two day series of events focused on fostering partnerships between GLAMWIKI and GLAMs in the Baltimore region. Sarah Stierch and Aude are both presenting. Perhaps this can merit a report!

Missvain (talk) 14:34, 14 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

GLAM takes Wikimania[edit]

Perhaps a brief synopsis of the upcoming talks and activities related to GLAMWIKI at Wikimania 2011! Missvain (talk) 14:36, 14 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Archives of American Art Backstage Pass[edit]

YesY Covered The first Smithsonian related Backstage Pass will take place July 29!

Missvain (talk) 14:37, 14 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

August 2011[edit]

Backstage Pass & Edit-a-Thon at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis[edit]

YesY Covered On Saturday, August 20 The Children's Museum of Indianapolis hosted Wikipedians at the museum's second Backstage Pass event, following the first Backstage Pass in November 2010. (Signpost coverage) This Backstage Pass was unique in that it was made up of three components: The actual "Backstage Pass" tour of collections, an Edit-a-Thon with on-site curators and Wikipedian attendees (and online volunteers), and a Translate-a-Thon that occurred live via Skype with student members in the ITESM-CCM Wikipedia Club in Mexico City.

The focus of the day was on the Caplan Collection, a significant portion of the museum's collection that is made up of folk art and toys. Children's museum curators and archivists gathered and digitized a large amount of resources that were used by Wikipedians during the Edit-a-Thon. Additionally, on hand to answer questions was the former registrar who had managed the acquisition of the Caplan Collection. At the end of the day, four new articles related to the Caplan Collection were created or improved, and dozens of objects from the Caplan Collection had been professionally photographed. (See some of the first images uploaded to the new Creative Playthings category.)

Mexico perspective[edit]

In Mexico City the event was called a "translate-a-thon" (traduciratón), the focus was to give students their first taste of contributing to Wikipedia, emphasizing the social and international nature of the "Wiki-world."(You can see photos of the event on Commons.) Our goal was to start with articles about the Museum's collection already in existence such as w:Bucky (Tyrannosaurus rex), learning the intricacies of proper translation attribution. We began with a brief introduction to the tasks and communication with Lori and Angie McNew, essential to motivation. We set up Skype for the participants in Mexico to communicate with those in Indianapolis, but this was not used as students, working in groups, had few difficulties in determining ways to render the information in Spanish. One exception to this was the railroad jargon in w:Reuben Wells (locomotive) but this was resolved by searching the terms in English Wikipedia and clicking onto the Spanish versions, if they existed. By the end of the day, six articles about the museum's most iconic objects were translated into Spanish. Thanks to their help, the QRpedia codes in exhibits are now more accessible to Spanish speaking visitors.

GLAM, Wikipedians in Residence featured in Wikipedia Weekly podcast[edit]

The podcast is a good summary for "what's next" which goes along well with Liam's talk at Wikimania. Source.

Reflections on GLAM & themes from Wikimania[edit]

One of my recent w:New Media Consortium blogposts recaps Wikimania and has my concise opinion about Wikimania and GLAM's role based on the themes of the conference. Perhaps someone could summarize it, or even just pull those bullet points from it as a quote. [12]

September 2011[edit]

For the calender[edit]

  • October 12 there will be a price ceremony for Wiki Loves Monuments at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. The competition was co-arranged by Wikimedia Sverige, the Nordic Museum and the Swedish National Heritage Board.
  • October 10-16 there will be an article writing contest about Nobel leaureates in cooperation with the Nobel Museum.

Australian Paralympic Committee[edit]

On 18 September, the Australian Paralympic Committee had a wiki Workshop in Perth. A partial summary of the events can be found on the project's blog. There were three Paralympians who attended, including w:Elizabeth Edmondon who donated several images to the the project under a creative commons license after the event. This was fantastic from a historical point of view as there are very few Paralympic related images on Commons and used on Wikipedia related to the Paralympics in the 1960s and 1970s. The article on Edmondson on was expanded after the event, and it became a DYK that was featured on the main page on 1 October. In preparation for the event, a guide on editing sport biographies was created and shared on Bookshelf. One of the most unique things to possibly come out of this was the presence of braille language editions of Editing Wikis and Creating an Account. Graham Pearce and [[w:User:Swimmer1964|Elizabeth Edmondon] were interviewed by w:5RPH, an Australian radio station, after the event, where they discussed the efforts of the Australian Paralympic Committee to collaboratively write the history of movement on Wikipedia and other WMF projects. There was also a demonstration on visually impaired users edit Wikipedia. One interview can be heard here In the coming month, the Australian Paralympic Committee plans to make another image donation.

October 2011[edit]

November 2011[edit]

w:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Libraries is going from October into November, maybe beyond. I suggest a broad looking-back piece mentioning 4 or 5 of the bigger events, and draw on these external sources: Libraries Tap into Crowd Power, Wikipedia’s Deep Dive Into a Library Collection, "Wikipedia! The Musical! A Review!".--Pharos (talk) 19:39, 4 November 2011 (UTC)[reply]

MoMA Wikipedia Talk to Me University Editathon was in October, but couldn't get to cover it at the time.--Pharos (talk) 19:39, 4 November 2011 (UTC)[reply]

December 2011[edit]