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Organizing work on English Wikipedia[edit]


On English Wikipedia, here are the steps needed to set up your collaboration project:

  • Create your project pages. How-to

  • Details
  • Create a project template. How-to

  • Project templates are placed on the Talk pages of articles related to your project.
  • Using project templates, team members can assess the quality and importance or priority of articles relating to your GLAM.
  • Create a participant template or "userbox" so Wikipedians can identify themselves with your project. How-to
  • Create awards to reward active participants. How-to


In this guide, the following conventions are used:

  • GLAMNAME - The name of your institution. Examples: Springdale Museum of Art, New York Public Library
  • GLAMABBR - The acronym or shortform of your institution. Examples: Springdale, NYPL