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History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia: Commons

The Australian Paralympic Committee has released images under a Creative Commons licensed and donated them for use on Commons. These images can be found at Category:Images from the Australian Paralympic Committee on Commons. The donated images help to illustrate articles about individual athletes and Australia at the games, and to help illustrate Paralympic sport in general. These images are now being used on several projects including English Wikipedia, German Wikipedia and Dutch Wikipedia.

Australian cyclist Paul Lake won a silver medal in the LC1 omnium event on the track at the 1996 Summer Paralympics

For example, the image above appears on many other language Wikipedia, such as Sommer-Paralympics 1996, Sommer-Paralympics 1996/Teilnehmer (Australien), Cycling at the 1996 Summer Paralympics, Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympics, Hurdfytse op de Paralympyske Simmerspullen 1996 and Wielersport op de Paralympische Zomerspelen 1996.

Individual Paralympic competitors have also donated their own images. Examples of athlete donated images can be found in Category:Elizabeth Edmondson. If you are an Australian Paralympian who would like to donate images and/or video, please get in touch with Tony.naar.

A guide to uploading pictures to Commons for the HoPAu project is currently being developed. A draft can be found at Uploading Sport pictures to Commons. It is available in wiki format at History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia/Commons/Sharing.

Copyright diligence is critical for the successful and long term inclusion of images and media in the project. We can only accept images and media that are 'copy-left', that is, carrying copyrights that permit free and open reuse. Wikimedia Commons helps us manage this objective, by only accepting works with such copyrights. Here is a video explaining copyright on Wikimedia Commons:

Copyright licenses involved in uploading files (3 min 28 sec) created by Geni to explain copyright issues on uploading to Commons