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List of Recruitment Hubs for December 2011-May 2012[edit]

There might be more than one Recruitment Ambassador in charge of a hub.

Statesboro, Georgia a.k.a. Georgia Southern University

Recruitment Ambassador: Stacy Kluge

Washington, D.C.

Bloomington, Indiana a.k.a. Indiana University

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Ann Arbor, Michigan a.k.a. University of Michigan

If you are interested in participating with the Wikipedia Education Program at a university or college near one of these hubs, or if you have any other pertinent questions, please contact the appropriate Recruitment Ambassador(s) above.

If you have a question/comment about the Recruitment Ambassador program in general, if you are having difficulty getting in touch with an Ambassador, or if you are not sure who exactly to contact, please email Jami Mathewson (Program Associate): jmathewson﹫