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Regional Ambassadors are crucial leaders in the Wikipedia Ambassador program, and represent a huge step in efforts to transition more and more of the central leadership roles in the program from Wikimedia Foundation staff to Ambassadors. We have divided the U.S. and Canada into different "regions" based on expected class activity levels in different parts of the country (with focus on balancing the activity levels across all the regions as much as possible), and each region will be coordinated by one or two Regional Ambassadors responsible for that area. Canada is currently considered as its own region. More details about the Regional Ambassador role are below, but in a nutshell – Regional Ambassadors will be responsible for mentoring professors during the assignment design process, assisting professors with Campus Ambassador recruitment, maintaining an advisory relationship with professors and Campus Ambassadors during the term, and facilitating communication among different stakeholders (professors, Campus Ambassadors, Online Ambassadors, Wikimedia staff, etc.).

LINK to Campus Ambassador Trainings FAQ page

NOTE: This set of pages is still under construction, so expect some changes in the coming months.