Sharing your success story by video

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This page explains how to share your success story by video.


Chapters play an important role helping to support and develop the Wikipedia community. The time and energy the chapters put into projects and events are highly valuable and could be great learning tools for other chapters, as well. Sharing your successes and teaching other chapters best practices will provide important insight and support the success of other volunteer chapters worldwide.

One easy and simple way to share your experiences is by video. We have examples of videos on the outreach wiki you can use for inspiration, but we'll send you your own flip cam to capture your activities. These can be meetings, talks, how-to videos--anything you think other chapters might like to see and learn from! And it doesn't have to take a lot of time, keep it simple and short! In the next few days we will start an experiment: Chapters who are preparing for events, meetings, or a conference will receive a camera from us!

Your job is simple:

Step 1: Shoot your work, interview other volunteers and participants, talk about your project! Tell us your story and celebrate your work!

Step 2: Upload the video to Commons and add it to Video success stories.

Step 3: Send the camera to the next chapter and allow them to present their work as well. Please contact Kathrin Jansen for details!

Hints for your own video[edit]

A few tips upfront:

  • Get consent from people you record.
  • Keep your video under three minutes or create several videos.
  • Be aware of the lighting and background.
  • Unleash your creativity.
Avoid shaky footage.

Example videos[edit]

Susanne Ton, multimedia producer at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, talks about the participation of the Tropenmuseum in Wiki loves art/NL