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Introduction to the Clubhouse Index


This page will help students organizing Wikipedian student organizations build a space for their organizations on this wiki. To build your organization's space, use the input box below to name your space. You're Clubhouse Index will then be created. You can then use this index page to create each of your clubhouse pages, starting with your clubhouse's main page. You may also use this index to later find your pages.

After you create your Clubhouse Main Page, your clubhouse page will then be listed at here, and when you visit that page you will be able to use the tabs at the top of that page to navigate to any other clubhouse pages you might have created.

Why create a space for your organization on Outreach Wiki?

  1. Connect to other student organizations and Wikipedian organizations.
  2. Use this space as an outreach tool for your club: potential donors, current members, and potential members can learn about your organization.
  3. Communicate with your current members and Wikipedians involved with your organization.

Create your space


Enter your club's name, exactly as you would like it to appear in the box below. You'll then be directed to a page that will help you create your space. Simply create your index by clicking "save", and follow the instructions on that appear in the edit intro. (Remember, you can always find these instructions again because the link is contained in the edit field and on your clubhouse index.) After creating your index, you may want to bookmark it for ready reference.

After using the input boxes on your Clubhouse Index to create your pages, you can later reference the instructions contained in these edit intros at any time:



If you have suggestions about how to improve these instructions or these templates, please discuss them on the Clubhouse Index talk page. If you have questions about starting your Wikipedian student organization, be sure to review the materials at... or contact studentclubs﹫