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This is what I wrote for Media literacy (Bookshelf):

The second phase in the work with this brochure will revolve around structuring the content, and maybe creating a storyline for a possible main character. Still everybody will be able to chip in and help, but some of the work will done by Wikimedia Foundation staff, including the project manager. That structure will then be open for discussion for a short period. After that, the project manager will decide upon the final structure. Major revisions of this structure must be discussed on the talk page first, where the project manager has the ultimate decision power. After this phase is completed, the project manager will instruct the artist to start designing a character - if this will be a part of the brochure. The ultimate design will be decided by WMF staff. The designers will get their first instructions at this point as well.
During the third phase, the actual content of the brochure will be written. Here different staff members may divide the task between them. Others may help, but are encouraged to discuss major revisions of the content on the talk page first. Questions, comments and suggestions may be entered in the text in two fashions: 1) by putting in {{Highlight|Comment}}, 2) by writing in the "Production notes" section. Final decision here are also the project manager's. At this point, if applicable, the artist will get his/her final instructions for all drawings that are needed. The first sketches of the design will be ready by this stage.
The final on-wiki phase will see this page locked for everybody except the project staff, including a copy editor, who will work on the language only. During this pase, everybody else will be able to write on the talk page. Which comments will be entered onto the page is decided by the project manager. Please keep in mind two things, though: 1) the quality of the brochure is the most important thing - so do keep important comments (typos, missing essentials, for instance) coming, 2) the deadline will most likely be tight - so do keep unimportant things (expansion of topic, e.g.) off the talk page. The drawings will be ready for input into design sketch.
After that phase, the content and the drawings will be merged by the designers off-wiki. The final designs will be decided by WMF staff. After that, the final version of the brochure will be made available and printed, roughly at the same time.

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