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on question from Frank:

"my" University Cooperation Projects (2009.2; old stuff):



  • Theme: Economics => Macro economics, central banks, ....
  • Participants: 1 chair, 25 students
  • Status: ongoing (offline), done: on wp; sucessfull including featured content
  • Support: Recruited a team, including experts, from the Bundesbank for example, as review-support and manage the project. Relationship management & feedback: Yes, external/scientific team members and the chair.
  • Deadline: 03. december 2009 for first benchmark, 16.12 final deadline
  • Theme: Rewriting of statistical articles
  • Strucuture: see draft
  • Status: ongoing, tbd


Portland State University computer Science

  • Theme: Students to write "Did you know" articles for Wikipedia
Participants: 1 chair and 3-4 students for one article (see list)
Structure: CS345U
  • Status: done
  • Support: Per request. Realtionship management & feedback: Yes
  • Deadline: 01. december 2009

Yale University (Fall 2009) (Ongoing)

  • Theme: Macromolecular Structure and Biophysical Analysis
  • Participants: Four labs
  • Support: Assistence for structural and operational questions via request from the leading lab. Realtionship management & feedback: Yes
Deadline: December 2009

Others: A lot of support for different university and academic projects ;) and monitoring modells like SfN