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Me in 2023
Me in 2023
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Hello, welcome to my user page! My name (in case you haven't guessed it from my username) is Mike Peel. My personal website is at I'm Q26207216 on Wikidata.

I am a Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation: my official WMF account is User:MPeel-WMF. All edits with this account are in a personal capacity only unless otherwise stated.

Wikimedia projects

I have been editing the English Wikipedia since 17 March 2005. You can find some of my main contributions in my worklist. I've been an English Wikipedia administrator since 2007; I am open to recall, and I have committed to not unblocking editors without training/approval from an experienced unblocker per [1]. I have contributed to several articles where I have a en:WP:COI, which are noted on my worklist. I was not paid for this work (or any other editing that I do). I became a Wikimedia Commons administrator in 2018, and a Wikidata administrator in 2020. You can find all of my on-wiki contributions at Special:CentralAuth/Mike_Peel—I have made over 400,000 edits.

I've uploaded over 60,000 photos to Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license as I enjoy seeing them used both on Wikipedia and elsewhere (both online and offline). If you're using one of my photos, then I only ask for two things: that you follow the Creative Commons license that I've released the image under (which primarily asks that you to attribute me, and that you share any derivative works under the same license); and for you to drop me a message to let me know. My photographs can be found in commons:Category:Photos by Mike Peel.

I also operate User:Pi bot (and User:Pi admin bot), which has made over 10 million edits. I also help maintain commons:User:QICbot. Past accounts (now locked) that I used for specific purposes are m:User:Mike Peel (FDC), en:User:Peelbot and commons:User:File Upload Bot (Mike Peel).

Wikimedia organisations

I co-founded Wikimedia UK in 2008, and I served on its Board of Trustees until 2013. I organised the first Wikipedia Editathon at the British Library in 2011, and I helped with the creation of the first Wikipedian in Residence. I am an Honorary Member of WMUK since 2021. I have been a member of the Wiki Movement Brazil User Group since 2019, and Wikimedia España since 2022. I ran for the WMF Board in 2021 and 2022, and I was selected in 2022. I am currently serving as a WMF Trustee from 7 December 2022 until 31 December 2025. I maintain a public record of my Wikimedia compensation.

I was a member of the Northern and Western Europe Wikimedia grants committee in 2021–22. Before that I was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Funds Dissemination Committee, first as one of its initial members in 2012–2014, and I was elected in 2015 to serve a second term, which ended in 2017. My COI statement and pledge were at FDC Pledge and COI 2015 (previous versions are also online: 2013 pledge and COI, outdated 2013 version, 2012 version). When I was both a trustee of WMUK and a member of the FDC I managed my conflict of interest according to my declaration of interest.

I supervised two summer students working on Wikipedia's science articles in 2014, two Outreachy students working on synchronising Wikidata and Wikipedia in 2021, two Outreachy students working on matching new Wikipedia articles with Wikidata in 2021–22, two Outreachy students on "What's in a name? Automatically identifying first and last author names for Wikicite and Wikidata" in 2022 (co-mentored with User:Pigsonthewing) and a GSoC student on rewriting the Wikidata Infobox on Commons in Lua in 2022. In 2022–23 I co-mentored an Outreachy student with Éder Porto on developing features for the Wiki Loves Monuments App.

Day job

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London; before that I was a postdoc at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Tenerife (2019–2023); a São Paulo Research Foundation Young Investigator Fellow at the University of São Paulo, Brazil (2016–2019), and a postdoc at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, part of the University of Manchester (2010–2016). I work on Simons Observatory, the GroundBIRD telescope, the QUIJOTE CMB Experiment, the BINGO telescope, the Planck satellite and the C-Band All Sky Survey, as well as co-leading the IAU CPS SatHub.

I'm a member of Wikimedia UK
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