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Sandra Fauconnier
Sandra Fauconnier
Sandra Fauconnier
Former Product Strategist, Wikimedia Sverige

About me

Long-time Wikimedian, GLAM-Wiki person, passionate cyclist, Belgian in the Netherlands, also working on OpenRefine; she/her. Also known as Spinster (volunteer account) and SFauconnier (various paid work which is not related to Wikimedia Sverige).

My work

WMSE is establishing a Content Partnerships Hub to support the Wikimedia movement in working with partners across the world, to make content freely available on the Wikimedia platforms. In my role, I help to develop structures to support the necessary software that is used in content partnerships; making sure that Wikimedia affiliates, groups, volunteers, developers and other stakeholders can all use, and contribute to, a healthy and sustainable ecosystem of key tools. You can read a short blog post about me and the role here.

Contact me

  • sandra.fauconnier(_AT_)
  • You can also find me on Telegram and in various GLAM- and Wikimedia-related Facebook groups.