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Activity: Look over your program plan

Read your program plan

Open the tab in your browser with the program plan template you created before starting this training. All sections should now be filled out except your list of participants, which you will add to as you start enacting your plan. Does your plan explain everything you intend to do with your education program? It not, add additional sections or notes as you need it.

Remember in Module 1 where we suggested you resist scope creep? Read through your program plan. Make sure everything you intend to do over the next few months is mentioned somewhere in this plan. Such a program plan provides transparency to everyone involved, clearly outlining what you are trying to do and what your scope is. You can refer to this when people bring good ideas outside of your existing capacity.

Congratulations! You have a program plan. Now, let's move to the next module to figure out how to enact that plan.

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