Wikipedia Education Program/News/4 March 2014

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Mexico law students' work profiled on blog[edit]

Jorge Luis Esquivel Zubiri

A post on the Wikimedia blog last week highlighted the work that instructor Jorge Luis Esquivel Zubiri from the Universidad de Ecatepec has been doing in Ecatepec de Morelos, a municipality of Greater Mexico City, Mexico. Esquivel Zubiri invited his law students to edit the Spanish Wikipedia and Wikisource about Mexican legal concepts and laws, supported by Wikimedia Mexico. Learn more about their activities by reading the post.

Journal article highlights Wikipedia in the classroom[edit]

Professor Piotr Konieczny has published an article in the journal "Contexts" highlighting his experiences using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in his classroom, both in the United States and in Korea, as well as his supporting work as an Ambassador for other classes. In the article, Konieczny explains the history of how Wikipedia has emerged as a teaching tool and talks about contributions his students have made. He argues that Wikipedia is a key way to democratize knowledge. Read the journal article.

HASTAC blog features why you should teach with Wikipedia[edit]

Professor Adrianne Wadewitz, a longtime Wikipedia contributor, professor, and Ambassador in the United States program, has published a short post on the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) blog, titled "Teaching with Wikipedia: the Why, What, and How." In the post, Wadewitz explains that students can affect Wikipedia's coverage of missing academic topics and can serve a variety of learning objectives. Read her post.