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For current Wikipedia in Education news, see the This Month in Education newsletter.

This is an archive of the Wikipedia Education Program Update, which was produced by the Wikimedia Foundation's education team from September 2011 until March 2014.


Welcome to the Wikipedia Education Program Update -- a newsletter from the Wikimedia Foundation about efforts to bring Wikipedia into higher education classrooms. The newsletter is released on the first and third Tuesday of each month. To be notified of the latest issue, add this page to your watchlist or email LiAnna Davis (ldavis﹫, the Wikipedia Education Program Communications Manager, to be added to the distribution list.

Final issue: 18 March 2014[edit]

Dear reader,

In an effort to consolidate our communication, we will suspend publishing the Wikipedia Education Program Update while we review our overall communication strategy. Thank you for your interest in this newsletter!

If you'd still like to get information about the global programs, you can sign up to receive the "This Month in Education" mailing delivered to your talk page on Wikipedia.

If you'd like to get information about the U.S. and Canada program, please reach out to contact﹫ and indicate your interest in receiving updates from the Wiki Education Foundation.

If you'd like to talk with others doing education work on Wikimedia projects globally, we encourage you to subscribe to the education list.

Thanks for your interest in the Wikipedia Education Program!

The Wikipedia Education Program Update team


Past issues from the Public Policy Initiative are available on the English Wikipedia at WikiProject U.S. Public Policy.