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This is a list of past collaborations, projects, events, and notable presentations related to Wikimedia that have been done with libraries and archives around the world.

In progress, please add — and reorganize when this gets too unwieldy!
Edit-a-thon at the Multnomah County Public Library, Oregon, USA

Events, trainings and talks











  • France, Rennes, Sunday, 24 November. The Wikipedians of Rennes, Brittany, France (the so-called NCO) were invited by the central library of Rennes Les Champs Libres for a first small editathon on 24 November for Wikipedia and Wikisource activities, given it is the 10th anniversary of Wikisource and given the library concomitantly opened a new digital library centered on local heritage.
  • ItalY 5 november, Modena, Aubrey, from Wikimedia Italia, will participate at the Sebina DAY, a librarian conference organized by Data Management. The conference will be streamed to more than 35 different libraries within Italy.
  • Italy: 30 october- 4 december, Venezia Mestre, Wikimedia Italia and Biblioteca VEZ organize a Wikipedia course for library patrons.
The calendar is the following:
  • Italy: 26 october, Firenze, Italy. Wikimedia Italia, National library of Firenze, Italian library association, organize a Bibliohackton on VIAF and WikiData
  • Italy: 5 october, Firenze, Italy. Presentation of realized and ongoing projects of italian GLAM/libraries group.
  • Italy: 16-17 and 23-24 september- Italian library association (AIB) together with Public library of Scandicci and university of Siena library organize a 2 day introducing course for librarian and for library users.
  • USA: August-December 2013. 16 week course, "Wikipedia and Knowledge Management" taught at University of South Florida, School of Information.Focus on librarians as Wikipedians.
  • Italy: 29 June: Aubrey and CristianCantoro will meet the National Library of Florence personel for discussing the Thesaurus partnership.
  • Italy: 20 June: national meeting of librarians regarding SBN, National Catalog Service. Several librarians and wikipedians will be there and discuss potential Library-Wiki collaboration.
  • Italy: 5 And 12 June, Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence): introductory course to Wikipedia for librarians, at the computer room at the Union of Municipalities of Montana Mugello (from 9 to 13). Teacher: Susanna Giaccai
  • Australia: June 4, Gold Coast Australia: Wikipedia training day, Gold Coast Libraries
  • Italy: May 30, Crema: Librarian Virginia Gentilini gives a presentation at this library conference on "relationship between Wikipedia and the world of libraries. What does it mean to be Wikipedian librarians"
  • Italy: May 4, Bologna: edit-a-thon on women biographies in Biblioteca Salaborsa. Teacher: Ginevra Sanvitale, for WikiWomen Love Libraries.
  • Italy: April 20 and June 8, Bologna, Italy: the public library Biblioteca Salaborsa hosts introductory course to Wikipedia for citizens. Teacher: Piero Grandesso.
  • Italy: March 14, Milano, Italy: former librarian Susanna Giaccai gives a presentation at this national library conference on collaborative efforts between librarians and wikipedians.






  • Italy: January 14th, Florence, and March 3rd, Pistoia, Italy: Aubrey and Laurentius present a course on Wikipedia dedicated to librarians from Tuscany.




  • Egypt: Panel at Wikimania 2008, held in the Biblioteca Alexandria, Alexandria Egypt, called "Wikimedia and Libraries". Panelists included Chuck Henry, director of CLIR; Sohair Wastawy, chief librarian of the Biblioteca Alexandrina, Tim Spalding, founder of Librarything; Phoebe Ayers, of the University of California, Davis; and Jakob Voss, of the GBV common library network. SJ Klein, director of community content for OLPC, moderated. Afterwards, several Wikipedians from the conference (Liam Wyatt, Phoebe Ayers, Andrew Lih) spoke to librarians at the Biblioteca. See other Ideas from the panel.

Wikipedians-in-residence, long-term and ongoing projects


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  • Work with archives (listed on the GLAM page...) Budesarchiv, NARA, etc etc!