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Are you ready for Wikipedia Loves Libraries 2012?

Wikipedia Loves Libraries is an annual event in which Wikipedians organize to meet at their local library and contribute to Wikipedia articles together.

Why should librarians get involved with Wikipedia and Wikipedians?

A Wikipedia Loves Libraries event in Washington, D.C. in 2011.
  • Welcoming Wikipedians into your library can increase its number of users
  • Wikipedia activity in the library can foster a greater sense of community
  • As the 5th most frequently visited site on the Internet, Wikipedia as the ability to highlight your library
  • Wikipedia's underlying message of access to information can underscore your library's efforts to provide access to patrons
  • If your library has unique materials, Wikipedians can help reveal knowledge and information about these materials
  • Hosting editathons and workshops can get new patrons into the library and utilize your materials.

You can get started by talking with local Wikipedians and discussing ideas for programming or events. Events can range from providing a space for a local Wikipedian meetup, or a panel discussion, a workshop, or an editathon. Wikipedians can even help train library staff to achieve competence in editing Wikipedia.

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