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  1. To edit the Wikipedia Universities map, go to the Wikipedia Universities map. To the left of the map, you will see a text box containing the map's title and other information. Find and click the "Edit" button to the right of the map's title.
  2. To add a Placemark[1] to the map,
    • Find the large "Search maps" field located above the map and type the name of the location or school where you'd like to put a Placemark.
    • Select your school or location from the list that is populated to the left of the map.
    • Save your location to the Wikipedia Universities map by selecting the "Save to map" option, which will appear below your place name.
    • Select "Wikipedia Universities" from the dropdown menu and click "Save."
  3. After you add your Placemark to the map, you will see an option above your map highlighted in yellow indicating that your Placemark has been added and prompting you to "View map". Select "View Map" and click on the Placemark you've just added to open the info box for your Placemark. Then edit your details using plain text, rich text, or HTML, and select the most appropriate Placemark icon for your group: a blue pin (for Campus Ambassador programs), a yellow pin (for Student Clubs), or a human (for interested volunteers). When you are finished, click "Save."
  4. To add your details, use the following format:
    • Student Club / Campus Ambassador Program since: (For student clubs and campus ambassador programs only)
    • Name of Club: (For student clubs only)
    • Number of Members: (For student clubs only)
    • Number of Teachers: (For campus ambassador programs only)
    • Number of Current Students: (For campus ambassador programs only)
    • Number of Campus Ambassadors: (For campus ambassador programs only)
    • Contact: (For interested volunteers, campus ambassador programs, and student clubs)
  5. To finish editing, click "Done." To edit your Placemark in the future, please remember to make sure you are in "Edit mode" by clicking the "Edit" button to the right of the map's title.
  1. See Google Map Help: Placemark