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A diagram of a typical relationships developed by a Wikipedian in Residence

Residenssiwikipedistit (tai -wikimedistit) ovat Wikimediaprojektien muokkaajia, jotka toimivat yhteistyöorganisaation sisällä. Usein isäntäorganisaatio tai paikallinen Wikimedia-organisaatio maksaa residenssiwikipedistin työstä palkkion, mutta muokkaajat voivat olla myös vapaaehtoisia. Residenssiwikipedisti ei ole vain in-house -muokkaaja: hänen tehtävänsä on kouluttaa isäntäorganisaatiota tuottamaan aineistoa Wikipediaan itse ja yhdessä Wikipediamuokkaajien kanssa, kun residenssijakso on päättynyt. Residenssiwikipedistin mallia kokeiltiin ensimmäisen kerran GLAM-hankkeessa, mutta se on otettu käyttöön monissa erilaisissa organisaatioissa.

Harkitsetko residenssiwikimedistin palkkaamista organisaatioosi? Tutustu esimerkkitapauksiin tai lue lisää.

Residenssiwikipediston tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • Serves as a liaison between the organization and the Wikimedia community to promote a mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Promotes understanding of Wikimedia among staff at the organization through workshops and events.
  • Works with organizational staff to digitize, compile, and organize resources that can be shared with the Wikipedia community.
  • Facilitates the improvement of content by the Wikipedia community, rather than directly editing articles as a core goal.
  • Coordinates events, such as Hack-a-Thons, Edit-a-Thons, or Backstage Passes, that bring Wikipedians on-site to work with staff on content creation and improvement.
  • Formally coordinated by the institution, allowing the resident to work closely with staff for various projects.
  • Ultimately, a residency lays the foundation for a more lasting partnership between the Wikipedia community and an organization.

Millaisia hankkeita residensseissä on tehty?

Activities organized by Wikipedians in Residence are broad and varied. Some of these projects include:

  • Facilitating content improvement in partnership with curators and the Wikipedia communities
  • Coordinating image or multimedia donations
  • Organizing visits/events (e.g. "backstage passes" for Wikipedians)
  • Organizing challenges and competitions that promote article improvement
  • Teaching about Wikipedia practices and values, etc.
  • Including sister projects (Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wikivoyage, etc)

Kuinka sopivan wikipedistin löytää?

Wikimedians in Residence come in many shapes and forms, and different communities and partners in the Wikimedia movement choose to implement them in many different ways. For full documentation on "how to" create Wikimedian in Residence positions in the Movement. The Wikimedia Foundation has documented common practices at Creating a Wikimedian in Residence Position.

Successful formats

Infographic with compiled data from July 2011.
Time allocation
  • Fulltime for a very short period (e.g. British Museum project, 5 weeks)
  • Fulltime for a longer period (e.g. Chateau de Versailles project, 6 months. University of Edinburgh project, 18 months)
  • Part time for a long period (e.g. Children's Museum of Indianapolis project, 1 year)
  • Part time permanently (e.g. Bundesdenkmalamt - Scanproject, Vienna, minimum 3-4 years)
  • Wholly unpaid (e.g. British Museum project, Bundesdenkmalamt)
  • Study credit (e.g. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis project, first 3 months)
  • Stipend/scholarship (e.g. Chateau de Versailles)
  • Paid internship (e.g. Early NARA projects)
  • Contract employee (e.g. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis project, year 2)
  • Full time employee (e.g. National Archive Full time Wikipedian in Residence, University of Edinburgh Wikimedian in Residence)
Recruitment method
  • Published job offer through official recruitment process (e.g. NARA) [could add Chapter rep. to interview panel if necessary].
  • Outsource recruitment to local Wikimedia Chapter (e.g. Versailles project)
  • Informal recruitment through existing social media connection (e.g. Indianapolis Museum of Art)
  • Identify existing Wikipedia community leader in relevant field (e.g. Israeli Museum)
  • Self-initiated contact from a Wikimedian/pedian to the institution (e.g. British Museum, Bundesdenkmalamt)

List of Wikipedians in Residence

See meta:Wikimedian in residence


Details on specific residencies

Information on other wikis

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