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If you have used Wikipedia or an other Wikimedia project to assign articles as coursework, please give feedback. This will help to optimize the concepts. There are three ways to share your experiences with us:

1) Talk to your facilitators. It is the most private way.

2) Send us an E-mail. Please use the public best practice mailing list.

3) Write your results on the discussion.


Every project is different but some topics are good examples to demonstrate possible and interesting themes:

  • What was your goal and why you wanted to run Wikipedia as teaching tool?
  • Were the results as planned?
  • Interacted the local project community as wished?
  • Are your students happy with their experiences of Wikipedia as teachting tool?
  • Could you describe the learning progress your students made?
  • Have you realized all your goals or should you use (more/different) community support for the next project?
  • What can the Foundation or the local chapter in your country do, in point of your experience, to support projects like yours?

Your individual convenience (a posteriori) are very interesting to optimize the concepts. A personal conclusion or a break on your Wikipedia project page, what ever you prefer to use and share :)