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This is a photo of a Wikipedia edit-a-thon in Mexico. Edit-a-thons may be conducted in diverse languages. There are over 100 language editions of Wikipedia, and some Wikimedia projects are multilingual.

An edit-a-thon (alternatively spelled "editathon") is one or more events in which people work together in person or online to build content on a wiki. Edit-a-thons can be very informal or very structured; they can be designed as primarily outreach events (to draw in new contributors) or they can be set up more to meet the needs of longtime contributors.

Take the training on the Programs and Events Dashboard. Learning how to run Editathons can be complicated, especially the first couple times you do it! However, the training should get you thinking about what the best practices, and often unanticipated opportunities are for improving editathons.

Leitura adicional

There are so many ways to plan and run an edit-a-thon, depending on the audience, the intended outcome, how much effort you want to put in, etc. Here are pages with more detailed outlines of how to do an edit-a-thon:


You may contact your local Wikimedia affiliate organization with questions. Questions about GLAM edit-a-thons may be directed to User:Astinson (WMF).

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