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Ask us & Tell us Anything[edit]

hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Education Team
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What are regional office hours and who should participate?[edit]

Regional education meetings are planned by the community specialists of the EduWiki Outreach Collaborators (EWOC) and the Education team. We are using this as an opportunity to strengthen the EduWiki network, explore collaboration opportunities, and identify common practices or challenges that are faced by our community members in different regions of the world. Everyone is invited to participate, ask questions, and share their activities.

You can use these regional office hours as an opportunity to learn and share your projects, tools, or ideas with the education community from the Latin American region.

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Add your agenda[edit]

Add your suggestions here:

  • Jose on the state of education in Mexico
  • Some updates from Wikimedia Argentina
  • And the experience of running Reading Wikipedia in the classroom program by Wikimedistas de Bolivia.
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Previous office hours[edit]