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Wikipedia Education Program Taiwan 2008

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  • Wikipedia club at National Taiwan University
  • Service learning class of Communication & Information Club at National Taiwan Normal University (March slide and related note)
  • WikiSeeker in Tainan


  • Translate the brochure for educators into traditional Chinese and release it on commons(1018 post)
  • We have a plan for Medical translation project and give a speech tour to show the medical students in most of the 12 medical colleges in Taiwan to connect with the medical translation task force. We did a crowdfunding project in a kickstarter-ish website, ask for 1500 USD as the fund for the tour and successfully achieve the goal(1020 post). We plan to have this tour in the end of November.
  • Educational collaboration between National Chiao Tung University and Wikimedians in Hsin Chu. They had a meet up discussing the lunches of 3 projects.(1029 post,meetup livecast,[):
    1. OpenStreetMap session(1013 post,1105 post),
    2. Service learning for linguistic department student. They should use a sound processing software Pratt to record their readings of GA or FA on Chinese Wikipedia and upload the audio file on commons. (1014 post,1021 post, 1028 post),
    3. Engineering department would like to use wikibooks or wikictionary to make an collaboration note on their courses.(1015 post,1103 post)

Before 2015

    • In Taiwan, the community is working with 3 education institutions for now. The language we use mainly are traditional Chinese (zh-hant or zh-tw):
    • Eighteen-week-course for university sophomore, around 50-150 students. Its topic is mainly about organic chemistry. Wikipedia volunteers will have lecture or workshop session for 5 weeks, each session last for 2 hours. We will present how wikipedia works and review students' work in the sessions. Two volunteers (Reke, Supaplex) are working on this project.
    • Twelve-week-course for community college, around 10-30 adult learners. Its topic is mainly about local environment protection and social movement on local environment. Wikipedia volunteers will have lecture or workshop session for the whole 12 weeks, each session last for 3 hours. We will analyze Wikipedia article (anatomy of WIkipedia?), use computer room for practice, also review learners' output. Three volunteers (Reke, Shangkuanlc, and Mingwangx) are working on this project.
    • The interpretation of cultural assets NTU campus practicum course design introduced on the detailed course content, records, refer to the Wikipedia page on the course is designed. Seven participants. September 13, 2012 2013 January 3, once a week, three hours.
    • Volunteer-training-workshop for a government sponsored education-wiki platform, not sure how many students will participate. Its topic is mainly about education related articles and the education history and development in Taiwan. Still in progress. One volunteer (Reke) is working on this project.
    • Also, to translate online training articles cost 4 to 12 hours per week for 1 volunteer.
    • With Center for Aboriginal Studies , Wikimedia Taiwan is establishing an introductory course in Ethnology. Forty eight students, most of them are freshmen from the Department of Ethnology at National Chen-Chi University, will be editing articles on Chinese Wikipedia between March and June 2015. Articles are about cultural and ethno-linguistic groups world-wide. Each student is designated an article about a different ethnicity. At the end of the semester, each of the students will complete the translation of an article about their assigned ethno-linguistic group. Reke Wang will be teaching the students about the culture of Wikipedia so that they can communicate with the community and basic editing skills needed for translating articles. He will also be providing online support to the students during the academic term. The course has ended and a brief report is on Wikimedia Blog

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Education Program in Taiwan (in Chinese)

Photo collection on Wikimedia Commons

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