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This page is a translated version of the page Education/Experiences and the translation is 57% complete.

The Wikipedia Education Program has collected a variety of experiences, both for participants in up-and-running education programs and for people who want to start a new program.

Utiloj & Defioj

Wikipedia is an opportunity to teach students essential 21st century skills that most will use in their careers and personal lives. Wikipedia is a valuable public resource, and in a classroom environment students learn how to contribute and use it properly. Curricula can and should include Wikipedia!

Bonaj Praktikoj

What works? What doesn't? We're constantly collecting best practices from our global community of education program leaders. Browse through some best practices — or share your own!

Kazostudoj & Esplorado

Since Wikipedia began in 2001, educators around the world have integrated the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit into their curriculum. In 2010, the Wikimedia Foundation started the Wikipedia Education Program to provide more support for educators who are interested in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

Lernado & Taksado

The learning patterns portal on Meta-Wiki collects and organizes guidelines for a wide variety of wiki-related programs and events, covering everything from strategic planning to how to run an effective edit-a-thon, and much more. Learn from the experience of others, and add your own observations and strategies to the learning patterns library.