Education/Newsletter/April 2015/Students nominated for their MOOC on Swedish Wikiversity

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By Sara Mörtsell (Wikimedia Sweden)

Two of the students behind the MOOC on Swedish Wikiversity.

Snippet: The first Swedish student generated MOOC stands a chance of winning national prize for web publication in education.

Some students at secondary school Katedralskolan in Skara, Sweden, have been nominated for a national prize celebrating the use of web publication in education, called "the Web star". They have produced an MOOC, Massive open online course, on Swedish Wikiversity including articles, podcasts, quizes, badges and resources they have authored and collected as part of their coursework. Their MOOC is called "Power and rebellion" (Makt och uppror) and the project has been instructed by the award-winning teacher Ylva Pettersson, Wikipedian and Wikimedia Sweden board member.

Read more about the nominated schools (in Swedish).

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