Education/Newsletter/June 2015/Mid-year Summary from the Wikipedia Education Program in Sweden

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By Sara Mörtsell (Wikimedia Sweden)

Workshop with students at Stockholm university.

Snippet: Sweden Education Program was able to recruit new students who added massive content to Wikimedia Projects in Spring 2015.

As schools and universities break up for the summer holidays, we have summarized the activities and achievements accomplished by Wikipedia Education Program in Sweden last term. Over the past six months, we've seen great increase in student activity, as 133 students enrolled in the program. It was also our first time to use the Education Extension in five of the courses choosing to set up their own course page. New classes are in the pipeline to embark on their Wikimedia Projects and we're exited to share their experience in the autumn. In the meantime, we're setting up the training module for students in preparation for next term.

Blog post about the mid-year summary from Wikimedia Sweden (in Swedish).

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