Education/Newsletter/March 2016/Egyptian Wikimedians celebrate the seventh conference of WEP

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By Walaa Abdel Manaem (Wikipedia Education Program Egypt) & (Egypt Wikimedians User Group)

Snippet: Egyptian students have celebrated the end of their 7th term on Wikipedia which witnessed their highest contributions ever in spring and summer 2015!

Egyptian Wikimedians have celebrated the end of the 7th term of WEP in Cairo, Ain Shams and El Azhar Universities. The seventh celebration conference was held in Conference Center at Cairo University. In this term, students achieved great success during spring and summer 2015 and added their highest contributions ever to Wikipedia since 2012 when the program had its first inception there. More than 15 million bytes were added and 1930 new articles were created and edited by students of 5 classes in 3 universities. The Egyptian Education Program continues its efforts to increase gender diversity on Wikipedia by encouraging more female students to join. 89.91% of the students who participated last term were female.

Over seven consecutive terms, Egyptian students have added massive amounts of content to Wikipedia that now accounts for 3% of the whole Arabic encyclopedia. This content also increases article quality with a growing number of featured and good articles that represent approximately 12.80% of the featured articles; 7.71% of good articles; 3.89% featured portals; 3.27% of featured lists of the Arabic Wikipedia. See all statistics of the WEP in Egypt here. Volunteers run and develop the Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt and successfully guide new contributors from one term to the next. The Wikipedia Education Program has overcome many challenges and continues to expand to new courses and universities.

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